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The Valeting Packs were developed to take your car from being dirty and coated in grime, to fresh, bright and polished. Estimated time to use: 1hr 30 - 2 hours

Valeting Packs contain over £35 of products, but are available to you at just £29.99!

The Power Maxed Car Valeting Pack contains the products you need to remove grime, thoroughly wash and polish your car, leaving it glossy and gorgeous. Tested on race cars, we know you’ll be impressed with the results.


  • 1L Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner to spray over the wheels and rinse away, removing road grime from the wheels.
  • 1L Traffic Film Remover to spray over the dry vehicle and rinse off, removing the initial grime and contaminants.
  • 1L Shampoo& Ultra Wax to clean the car hands-on, removing any remaining dirt and replacing it with a Carnauba wax protective layer.
  • 500ml Ultra Finishing Polish to get a great, slippery shine from your paintwork. 
  • 100ml Glass Cleaner to leave clean, streak-free windows, inside and out.
  • 2x microfibre cloths for use with the Shampoo & Ultra Wax and Glass Cleaner. 
  • 1x microfibre polish applicator pad for use with the Ultra FInishing Polish. 


Perfect for Christmas.